Balm or Blame

Busy Bee

Monarda is a striking, brilliant red flower that reputedly attracts bees. I have no success in growing this plant, so have no firsthand experience of this myself.

I do, however, have magnificent French marigolds, that are doing an admiral job at being a source of pollen for bees. I am delighted to see them. There have been few sightings of bees in our area, and sadly no Monarchs have been spotted this year.

This is a sad reflection on the way we are treating our earth, and the effect it is having on wildlife.

So, I am truly thankful that my garden provides a welcome stopping place, because the bees not only delight my eyes, they are also a treat to the senses, as they buzz from flower to flower. Their droning is part of the backdrop of sounds on a summer day.

Intensive farming and the use of chemicals on the land and crops, is wreaking havoc among the pollinators. It is a travesty that the mighty dollar is proving more appealing than saving the lives of the creatures we depend on to pollinate our crops as well as flowers. Their gradual disappearance will cause untold hardships among farmers and consumers alike.

Perhaps when harvests fail for lack of pollination, governments will wake up and demand strict controls on chemically enhanced foodstuffs. I realize intensive farming is necessary to provide the foods needed for an ever-increasing population, but killing off the lifeforms that help bring our crops to fruition, will not only harm our shopping and eating habits but, also, very definitely the farmers who rely on us to buy their harvests. ie: no genetically modified foods, nor meats from the concentration camps corporations call farms. There can surely be a healthy and viable compromise before it is too late?

So, while I can, I’m going to enjoy the bees, busily visiting my garden, and I’m delighted that my marigolds are proving to be a magnet to them. Too bad, the Monarchs haven’t survived their journey, to be an additional balm for the senses.

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