I Am Blessed and Highly Favored


The title is one of my husband’s favorite comments.  He uses it to extinguish critical comments, when people in his workplace wonder why he’s ‘as lucky’ as he is, on days when they are not enjoying good income days.

I am very blessed in a different way.  in my senior years, I still enjoy relatively good health.

I do have arthritis, which stops me in my tracks some days with the pain and stiffness – – but, on the whole my health is great compared to:

a dear family member suddenly plunged into a world of confusion and delusion after a (pre-Canadian) life in a repressed society.

a young friend still ravaged with cancer after many surgeries

a neighbor lost in dementia and one with (possible) cancer (awaiting results of tests)

young folk unable to join in the activities of friends due to disability

folk awaiting results from invasive, but necessary, tests

lonely shut-ins who seem to have been forgotten by family

friends, family and neighbors with ongoing health issues, for which there seems to be no relief

I could go on and on, but won’t.  I often feel helpless – not knowing how to help; if indeed my help is welcome.  On those days, all I can do is pray for them.  Ask for comfort, strength and healing.

As we get on with our day, let’s keep in mind less fortunate members of our society, and give a helping hand wherever, and whenever, we can.

We don’t have to be intrusive – we just need to show we care.

Now I am going to shower and dress – – because I can, and see where my day takes me.


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