White Blanket

Looking out of my window all I can see is a white blanket of snow.  The temperature is frigid.  Minus 8 degrees, first thing this morning.  Yes, I hear you.  Brr.rr.r!

Yesterday, was a dreadful day of snow squalls, icy roads, zero visibility and brutal cold.

Three friends plus me, had planned a day out, and actually began the journey into the city – only to be convicted of how unwise the journey was – on such a day.  So, we turned back and returned home after a crawl in slow traffic, amid numerous accidents.  Ugh!

Yes, you guessed it, this is not my favorite time of year.  I prefer the stirrings of spring: when the garden comes alive; birds return from their travels and the air warms enough, that heavy winter wear can be discarded.

Winter – in this northern clime – pardon the pun – leaves me cold!

I yearn to be one of those fortunate folk, who can migrate south.  My choice would be beautiful Arizona, actually.

Each year, I ask friends or neighbors packing up for their southerly journey if they need help with luggage, so they can take me with them…………..I’m waiting for a “yes” – meantime, I’ll continue to bundle-up in warm winter clothing, crank up the heat, shop as frugally as I can – to minimize grocery trips, and write and dream of the time when the white blanket will be green, again.


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