Down But Not Beaten


I am certain there are many of us, that can relate to the sense of feeling overwhelmed by daily circumstances. You know the things: Job loss. Broken relationships. Financial needs. Illness. Each one of these can throw your daily routine into anything but……routine.

You lose focus. Feel hopeless and helpless. Don’t know what to do next; in fact, you wonder what will ‘hit’ you next, when so many things in your life keep zapping you – and they’re not good things.

For any unbelievers, trials can be daunting. However, followers of Jesus, can take comfort in knowing that He will guide and encourage, as needs arise. He helps us to  overcome.  Often we cry out to God to tell Him, “Hey – I’ve had enough. When is this going to end?”

The answer to that is ‘when it is time for the end’……….not much help while you’re going through ‘stuff’. The trick is to persevere. To not give up. Resist the temptation to try an easier route and let God work His wonders according to His timing.

Take a break, by putting on music you love. Read a good book. Spend time in your garden, or take a walk. Anything to keep your mind on positives. Even though, you might not be feeling thankful, look back on your life and count the blessings you have experienced. Be thankful for each one. You will find that, little by little, the despondency will lift as you dwell on good things.

I recently heard this. When trouble besets you and disaster strikes, plan to be thankful and positive. When you do this you will find <em>that is something the darkness cannot take from you.</em>

Be blessed and be comforted in knowing that God loves you, and always will. He is with you, even in the worst times. Believe this and hang on to it – always.


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