No Pity-Party Today


A major storm is barreling through Ontario, causing havoc with strong winds and rain.  It is a blah start to the week with grey clouds filling the sky.  Sigh.

I am suffering a really bad cold and bronchitis.  Sleep has been fitful of recent days, due to uncontrollable coughing fits.  Sigh.

I could wallow in self-pity as I deal with this temporary affliction, but I don’t.  Instead, I treat myself with the appropriate medication; drink lots of fluids; rest and recuperate, being thankful that I will recover.

My day began, receiving news of a sweet neighbor, who is not so fortunate.  She is suffering rapid dementia and we (neighbors and I) have discovered that she has not been eating, and has fallen indoors.  Thankfully, she was not injured.  Family has been advised, and we are watching and caring for her until a solution can be determined.  Sadly, for my dear friend, her disability is not temporary.

So, on this dark, dismal, damp morning, and through my coughing, sneezing, head-achy start to the week, I count my blessings – and choose to get on with my day and help my neighbor however I can.

How did your week begin?  How are you dealing with it?


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