Staying in the Moment

A dear friend and I were sharing thoughts recently, as we see ourselves as under-achievers.
Days of productivity are lost on us, when we allow ourselves to slip into a rut, thinking it is the right place to be, and suddenly we realize we feel un-necessary.  We have a sense of not being able to find the right road for our talents.  The busy world keeps on being busy.  People are living their lives – with or without us and they all seem so purposeful: so successful.
I read a blog this morning where the writer encourages us to ‘stay in the moment’ and make it count.  I find that hard, but understand what she means.  Another friend has suggested, in the past, that I procrastinate – I denied that.  In fact, I was a little offended by the comment.  I always thought I was a ‘get-it-done-now person; but the more I understand myself, the more I recognize it is a trait I am guilty of.  Often, it is because I don’t know what the right next step is – so I stop doing everything.  Naturally, it means I do not accomplish anything in my undisciplined little world.  At least, when you have work outside of the home – you are accountable to others for how you spend your time, and at the end your day, even though exhausted you do have a sense of having achieved something tangible, due to all your hard efforts.
All we can do is keep on doing what we’re doing and praying for God’s guidance and hope our time will be well spent.  If we use our gifts and strengths for ourselves and then for others, I think that’s the best we can do.
I write and create (with cooking) but I am technically challenged.  I would love to change my blog website, but all my efforts only frustrate me, as I seem unable to make it look the way I want it.    Perhaps, it is because I give up too easily.  I cannot agree with that sentiment, because I really try hard to follow the instructions.
My husband, says, I am not technically minded.  Give me something to assemble and the instructions might just as well be in Chinese.  He does, however, call me his Betty Crocker.  So I have acclaim in one area.  YEAH!
So, I’ll keep on trying to stay in the moment: after all, this blog posting is the result of comments made to yesterday’s A Serious Senior’s Moment.
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