Christmas Busy-ness Got You Down?


Checking on the feathered friends in our garden, I watched today as White Breasted Nuthatches flew around – first to the seed feeder and then to a long-empty bird house, that they appear to have inhabited.  That is cool.

Each year, since we arrived here, the only birds to stay a while in the ‘house’ have been lowly sparrows.  They diligently build nests each spring,  in compartments on either side of the structure, only to have starlings come  and steal the nesting material for their own use.  You’d think the sparrows would give up – but they do the same thing each year.  We’ve been here four years and I have watched the same ritual play-out every spring.

Now the nuthatches are occupying a west-facing unit, and keep watch from their lofty condo, head visible just inside the porthole.  They are very pretty birds – and extremely agile as they creep up and down the trees with ease.  It’s always a thrill to see new activities taking place, and I can’t do that if I don’t slow down my busy-ness and take notice.

What’s new in your life?  Is Christmas becoming a chore of rushing or is it a time of calm for you?

Is stress building up?  If so, STOP!  SLOW down.  Don’t let the hectic retail demands get you down.

Christmas is not about shopping, it is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and of sharing quality time with family and friends.  It is all about caring for those less fortunate than yourself: of giving your time and blessings, and importantly, of spreading the story of Jesus, and the hope and love He brought the world.  After all, without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

So negative anxious thoughts begone, and welcome positives to take up residence.



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