Making a Difference

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We spent the long weekend working in the garden.

My husband built a rustic trellis around a small bench, on the lawn.  Me?  I tidied the flower beds and dug up dandelions – as well as I could.

The sunshine was most welcome.  It enabled us time to sit and enjoy the quiet and the fresh air.

It’s the time of year I visualize what I’d like to see in the garden.  Which flowers to grow.  Which colors to choose.

I always grow tomatoes.  Last year I even ventured growing beans, and as we don’t have a large veggie growing area,  I experimented.  I planted seeds in a large pot and placed it close to a tree,  to provide support.  It actually worked very well.  We picked a plentiful number of beans for daily consumption.  Not enough to freeze though.

So, back to now.  Yesterday I purchased tomato plants.  Beefsteaks and Sweet 100’s are regulars in our garden.  This year I added Yellow Pear – just for something completely different (touch of Monty Python).  They should make a nice contrast in salads, if nothing else.

Herbs I always grow.  Not a large number.   This year I planted rosemary and thyme.  They are most often used in my culinary efforts.  We already have chives growing too (who doesn’t?), so with parsley we should be able to add freshly grown favorites to the kitchen herb collection too.

Back to Jim’s trellis.  He completed it.  Now we have to determine which plants will grow best.  The area tends to become wet, so choices are limited.  However, I know we’ll adorn the trellis amply.  The objective, after all, is to have color and beauty in the garden for the few short months that we enjoy during our short Canadian summer.

My plan today is to plan what I’ll do next.  I love being outdoors.  Love gardening, although I am limited in what I can do with my weakened wrist.  Nevertheless, whatever I do will be worthwhile, and will make a difference.

How will you make a difference  today?



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