Under Attack



Under attack.

I am certain you have felt that way at some time.

I opened the blinds this morning to check out our ‘estate’ to discover the garden looked like rabbit-land.  No matter which direction I looked, I saw RABBITS!

My plants have been mysteriously vanishing, bit by bit, as flower buds and leaves disappear on a daily basis.  Now I know why.

Squirrels take their toll too as they dig up newly planted flowers.  I guess the disturbed earth makes it easier for them to dig.

This truly irks me.

Squirrels have been the master chompers and destroyers in my garden thus far; now I have more adversaries, because the bunnies have been having bunnies, making  more molars exercising on my lovingly planted plants.

Having tried all humane methods to deter the squirrels – and having failed – I am now researching ways to stop rabbits from taking over.  Methinks I am about to fail again, because they come out and play when I am not around.  Having said this though these rabbits seemingly have no fear of humans, they sit and watch me – even to the extent of being within a couple of feet of them – demanding they go away – but they just sits and looks.

The garden has been equipped with squirrelproof bird feeders (THAT’S A LAUGH) and in my searches there appears to be nothing to stop rabbits from enjoying the free smorgasbord planted around my home.

So – yes, I feel I am under attack.  I want the garden to have color and depth without the wildlife – DREAM ON I hear you say.  I am coming to realize I have to give up because if I insist on planting delicious flowers and veggies, they will keep on coming.

So – I will concentrate on watching the birds and their babies – all so cute.  Some appear to be larger than their parents yet they are crying out to be fed.

I would love to see honey bees – but have not spotted any in our area.  NOT A GOOD SIGN.   Likewise, butterflies would be a beautiful sight but none have fluttered by.

My hope is that this will change as the weather warms.  Meantime, I will remain vigilant and attempt to protect my property from the little critters that invade with such determination.

Under attack?  Well, yes, that’s how it makes me feel, when really it is more about control – because I have lost it: control I mean.

How about you?  Are you under attack?  Is something or someone doling out more than you can handle?  How are you handling the situation?  IMG_4392





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