Where’s the Love?


On a brutally cold morning, in Ontario, I feel the need to lift my spirits.  Cold weather persists, and dire news broadcasts abound.

I am filled with pain for the ordinary folk of this world.  The mothers, fathers, boys and girls who are impacted by terrorism, war, abuse and famine.  People can turn this beautiful world into an ugly place.  They make it so with their greed and cruelty.  Vicious individuals who show no caring traits whatsoever.  They are filled with a salacious appetite for power and control, and destroy anyone, or anything that stands in their way.

I pray for compassion and respect to return to hardened human hearts.  I pray for God’s peace in this world.

I pray for each of us to be so deeply impacted by the distress of others that we do something to help.  In any way we are able.  That we do not stand by and watch good people annihilated by savage means, because they choose what is right for them, and refute what is wrong.

I pray that world leaders will stand firm against terrorism and bring justice to every ‘monster’ wreaking havoc on this earth.

My prayer is for love; respect; compassion and integrity to grow out-of-control in every human heart, mind and spirit. When this begins, and only then, will evil acts be overcome.  A naive expectation, but it is what I feel.

Even an ordered society tends to discard, or be rid of, people who do not share our views, or are just plain difficult. True love, however, causes us to tolerate those that we would rather give up on.  If regular, tolerant folk can feel this way, how much more difficult it is for cruel hearts and minds to return to a state of conscience and caring, but they need to do this – more than they know.  I pray for their consciences to be consumed with guilt, and their hearts and minds to be filled to overflowing with concern for their fellow man (and woman).

Daniel 4:1 To all peoples, nations, and languages that dwell in all the earth; Peace be multiplied to you.  (NKJV)


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