Writer’s Meet

I am a member of a local writers group.

Published, as well as unpublished writers and wannabe guys and gals brainstorm at these meetings.

We share ideas: successes and failures too.

Sometimes an article or short story that does not resonate with us is viewed as being great by other people.  That’s encouraging.  Writing is a tenuous task that places the writer in a vulnerable position.

The mere act of writing exposes inner thoughts, depth of intellect and creative ideas to other people.  We all know that can be alarming.  Some folk tend to be very critical and the last thing we want is to be shot down in our prime.

We don’t “do” rules and regulations.  That would be counter-productive.  It could block our flow for creative thinking. We all desire to be productive as we explore ideas and bravely set words down onto paper, or commit them to our computers.

The purpose of our group is to edify one another, plus give constructive criticism.  The authors in the group coach the newbies, and set them goals that they can aspire to achieve.  We have simple writing exercises too.  Five or ten minute time-frames to write about a picture, or word, or idea given by our facilitator.  It’s a lot of fun and you might be surprised at how good you can be under pressure.

We have an awesome group leader.  Brenda Wood is a successful published author and she willingly guides us – or prods us – into just doing it.  Writing, that is.

You can check us out at Scribbler’s Roost Writer’s Club, Innisfil Public Library.  http://www.innisfil.library.on.ca/writers-club

Brenda Wood, Author & Motivational Speaker can be found at:

This link http://www.amazon.com/Meeting-Myself-Snippets-Binging-Bulging/dp/1770694447 will give you information on this book and her website will introduce you to her other publications.

We are fortunate in having as members like Vena Poole http://www.amazon.com/Fragrance-Lavender-Vena-Poole-ebook/dp/B00IK6B8D4, and Sharon Greer, http://www.amazon.com/See-You-Morning-Sharon-Greer/dp/1460208544 – both published authors.  They each have multiple books published and can be found on Amazon.com.

I am one of the newbies.  I’ve been cajoled: prodded and gently encouraged by all these lovely ladies.

Check us out any time.  You will be made to feel very welcome.

Patricia E. Day

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Scribblers Roost

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