Loss. It is such a small word yet implies an event of great emotional pain.

This week I heard of a mother losing her son.  He was in his fifties and his death unexpected.  I cannot imagine the pain she is experiencing.  As an outsider all I can do is share some time with her; show her that I care in small ways – a card or a meal, Realistically, there is nothing I can do for her that will ease the dreadful inner anguish she is having to endure, but the emotional support might alleviate it – momentarily.

A new friend recently shared with me that her husband is dying.  Just like that.  I knew he was very sick.  I did not know anything beyond that and did not intrude further.

They each deal with the news by keeping busy and having fun.  She prepares numerous small meals from scratch each day and every day.  She also works.  She looks tired.  Needless to say – she is tired.  She wishes the illness (cancer) would go away and leave them alone, but knows it is too far advanced; their time together limited by its intrusion into their lives.

She stoically deals with everything in the only way she can: because she has to.

I feel helpless.  There is nothing I can do to change the pain she is dealing with; nothing I can give or do that will help him. So I stand on the sideline and help as I can. I spend time with her.  Email encouragement to her.  Anything to let her know she is not alone in this relentless battle.

Another friend recently lost her mother.  She deals with her grief quietly – alone.  I pray she is letting God help her – moment by moment.

Are you struggling with loss?  It is not easy.  Friends support you as they can and that is reassuring.  It can lift your spirit for a brief time.  It cannot take away the dreadful agony inside.

Leaning upon God will, help – if you allow Him into your heart.   I pray that you call out to Him and let His peace fill you, if only for a short while.  Every little bit helps.


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  1. sensitive subject well handled…

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