Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas to one and all!

It has been a year fraught with violent acts around the world, and I am so thankful for the peace (within) that Christmas brings.  Jesus Christ was born to bring peace and salvation to anyone in the world willing to accept Him and His gift of love.

Much of the violence has been directed at Christians and heinous acts are perpetrated against brave men and women simply following the direction of their hearts and spirits.  This is too much for the persecutors to commit to, or want, in their lives, they prefer the dark emptiness of evil.  So the violence continues.  Mankind directing cruelty against other (gentler) members of mankind.

Right now thousands are fleeing their country of origin, seeking a place of peace.  A majority are not Christians.  Their desire is to find safety and acceptance.  The lure of life in a country not devastated by war, torture, abuse, intimidation and absolute control, pushes them to take unbelievable risks to try and reach that place.

How sad it is that mankind does not ‘get’ the biblical message of love.  It provides an inner haven of tolerance and love.  The result of being able to accept others for who they are, and what they have accomplished in life.  No greed.  No jealousies.  No cruelty.  No persecution.  What a beautiful world it could be!

That would be a perfect world.  We can live together in harmony, but that old devil – control, greed and misdirected idolatry continue to enslave and destroy, keeps on stepping in to destroy everything that is good about life on this planet.

At Christmas-time, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. the bringer of hope, love and humility, we make time to rethink actions and words and seek harmony.  That’s all there is to love. Loving one another; purely, kindly and unconditionally.  There is no desire to control or manipulate. No retaliation or jealousy.  Bottom line:  it is about treating others as you want to be treated.

We can look around the world and easily find people who refuse to care for any living being.  Sadly, they miss the point of love.  Living in harmony and caring for, and about, one another is the key to harmony.  Believing in the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is the pathway to that idyll.

My hope and prayer for each of you is that you have a safe Christmas.  A Christmas with family and friends.  A time of helping when and however you can.  A time of being thankful for what we have and for our loved ones.  Gifts in pretty paper are always welcome, but this time of giving is nothing if you have nobody to share it with.

So let the slogan ‘I want that’ be directed at Jesus Christ’s offer of relationship and peace, and let us love one another.



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