The Deadly Chill of Denial


Well, winter refuses to loosen its grip on us.  Today, three converging storm systems are creating treacherous conditions on the roads, and underfoot.  The return of cold air is not welcome by many of us; we have enjoyed spring-like weather throughout our Ontario winter, so this is definitely not welcome.  It is not a surprise.  Each March into April, we are often surprised by severe weather.  Nevertheless, we long for its departure.

The denial of Jesus by those He trusted, must have felt like a cold blast.  He was rejected and led away to His death after the kiss that Judas deposited upon His cheek.  It was a ultimate denunciation.  He was betrayed by a friend.  It must have felt like a frigid hug: treacherous and cruel.

Mark 14:44-45 Judas had told them (the chief priests, leaders and teachers of the Law) ahead of time.  “Arrest the man I greet with a kiss.  Tie Him tight and lead Him away.”  Judas walked right up to Jesus and said, “Teacher!”  Then Judas kissed him, and the men grabbed Jesus and arrested Him.” (CEV)

In the final moments, even Peter denied knowledge of Him. Mark 14:66-72

The cold reality of life is that some of us will, suffer the same cold indifference from people we thought we could trust.   Unfortunately, that’s life.  When it happens, we experience deep and utter astonishment.  I know, because it has happened to me.

The Canadian winter can be treacherous with its diverse weather systems.  We can never be quite sure what each day will bring.  Despite this uncertainty, we hold onto the promise of warmer days ahead, just as Jesus looked forward to His life beyond the cruelty of the cross.

I pray that you will have a blessed Easter.  That you will be blessed by true friendship and love.  That you will not be subjected to the humiliation of rejection as Jesus was.


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