Review – Heaven’s Great Hope

Heaven’s Great Hope, written by Dr. Victor Morgan, TH.D. is a comprehensive collection of Bible passages to inspire, guide and help give strength and hope to every individual seeking solace in this crazy world.

Dr. Victor Morgan directs us to pay attention to worldly events, but not become defeated by them.  There is more to consider than terrorism, abuses, wars and the frailties of human need.

We need to stop, reflect, and seek spiritual peace above all else.  We obtain this by leaning on the power of God’s guidance; found only in the Bible.

If we can concentrate on His words, and be less focused on the earthly events that are unfolding, we can be assured of inner serenity and strength.

I would have liked more of Dr. Morgan’s own thoughts among the myriad of Bible passages to study, and take to heart.  Nevertheless, it is a profound how-to book for anyone feeling overwhelmed by worldly happenings.  Definitely food for the soul:  Infinitely a pathway to hope.

If you question what true hope is: How it is obtained, and why we need hope then this book can, and will open those doors for you.

If you struggle with the destruction reported around the world and the lack of respect shown to others and the sickening decline of morality and ethics that are in abundance these days, I believe you can find answers through the pages of Heaven’s Great Hope.

I have received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

The book can be purchased on the following Amazon link.



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