All That Glitters by Lisa J. Flickinger – Review

All That Glitters by Lisa Flickinger is a compelling read.

The story is set in the Klondike gold rush days, when riches were being sought by many adventurers and dreamers alike.

Sisters, Vivian and Ginny Connor – two of the main characters are as different as chalk and cheese.  Raised in a stable, loving home Ginny is headstrong and wilful; seeking self-satisfaction in all things.  Vivian, in stark contrast, wants nothing more than a stable family life for her loved ones and herself.

When Ginny suddenly leaves home with Logan Harris to seek fame and fortune, her family is understandably devastated.  The man she left with has a questionable character, but Ginny refused to accept that he was anything else but the man of her dreams.

Vivian undertakes to bring her sister home, rightfully fearing for her safety and wellbeing.

I loved this book.  The characters are colorful and authentic, and Lisa’s research takes the reader on a dangerous journey through one of history’s crazy, gold-greedy times.

If you love a good romance which includes love triangles; drama; family rifts and misplaced trusts – this is definitely a book you should read.  It is one to curl up with any time and you will likely find it difficult to put down.

Highly recommended.  A thoroughly engrossing read.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers, on the understanding I would post an honest review.

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