Feeling Thankful


We all experience storms in our lives.  Some are small, while others can be massively overwhelming.

Hurricane Florence recently slammed through southern states in America, wreaking devastation as it tore over the land.  Many lives were changed instantly and, sadly, recovery for many will be long and exhausting.

Closer to home, my husband and I were dealt our own traumatic blow.  Our washing machine malfunctioned during a rinse/spin cycle causing water to overflow the drum and onto the floor.  It did not limit its’ damaging flow to that one room; it spread into two adjoining bedrooms, down the entire hallway inundating cupboards, the furnace and water heater closets on its journey to the front door.  Not much was left untouched.  The damage has been difficult to deal with.  All the floors had to be removed in order to dry water that had flowed underneath.  Walls were cut away to prevent mold developing and to allow for better drying to the wet areas. There was such a large area to recover, dry and renew that we were forced to move out for days while the insurance team did their remedial work.

As time has passed I have had moments of deep anxiety while considering all the tasks that lay ahead of us.  I cannot imagine the emotional toll that Florence has left behind.

To make a very long story short, as I write we continue the renovations, but at least we have a home which we can restore.  Many folk in those southern states of America have not been as fortunate.  Their homes were either destroyed or inundated with so much flood water as to render them uninhabitable.

The point of my musing is that this incident has shown that no matter what we are dealing with, somebody else is struggling with even greater challenges.  All the more reason for us to be thankful for what we have and to help others whenever we can.  We never know what they are having to contend with in their lives.






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