Bite Your Tongue


‘Bite Your Tongue’ – to make an attempt to avoid saying something that you could later regret.

How many times have you said things that you later wish you hadn’t?

I have not kept count, but know that I am guilty.  I did not keep my opinions to myself and did later wish that I had kept my thoughts to myself.

Apparently, when former US President Harry Truman penned letters containing potentially harmful words. he would leave them sitting on his desk for 24 hours.  If, after that time, he still felt the strong conviction to speak his mind, he would mail them.

It would be a blessing to many if we thought carefully before we spoke, thus keeping our angry, spiteful words to ourselves: Bite our tongues in other words.

The Bible is clear about this too.

James 3:5 ‘Our tongues are small, and yet they brag about big things’.  Pride is not an admirable quality.

Imagine the dreadful destruction caused by a tiny spark.  Once ignited its power becomes can become an inferno causing unimaginable damage.

James 3:6    ‘The tongue is like a spark.  It is an evil power and sets a person’s whole life on fire.’

The moral here is:

a) If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

b) THINK before you speak.

c) If you would not like to hear the words you want to spit out directed at you……don’t say them to anyone else.

I hope that your day is as beautiful as God’s floral creations.  One filled with meaningful conversation, loving-kindness, and carefully chosen words.






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