Chilly – Chilly – Brrrr

There is no doubt that winter is here. The temperature this morning is minus 20 but feeling more like minus 26 with the windchill factored in.

Fresh snow blankets the garden; but only a few centimeters. We are fortunate in Ontario. The Maritimes have been promised snow, ice, and rain as a Colorado low meets an Arctic blast.

Years ago, when my first husband and I were contemplating coming to Canada, the idea of snowy winters romantically conjured up visions of hunkering down in a snowbound home; a wood fire crackling and warming pots of soup or stew on the stove. What naive notions they were. The reality is that with temperatures dipping this low exposed skin freezes within minutes. Vehicles refuse to start so shopping is a challenge. Forget walking: the ground underfoot can be too icy to maintain your footing, and, breathing becomes a whole new experience as the cold freezes the hairs in your nostrils.

And yet, when the sun breaks through the cloud it looks spectacular. ‘Diamonds’ sparkle in the snow. Frosty windows glow. The blue sky creates a magnificent backdrop to the white blanket below it.

My younger days would have seen me reveling in freshly fallen snow. As a family, we would bundle up and hit the hills, or just enjoy trudging through the snow leaving fresh trails behind us. Having slipped on the icy surfaces I am now more cautious. The pain of broken bones and the long recovery make me think twice about venturing outside. Call me a chicken if you will. I tend to think of it as self-preservation. 🙂

So, whatever your plans are for today, I pray you stay safe and warm. Bundle up. Cover your head and hands as well as your body. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air through the protective cover of a warm scarf. Enjoy!


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