Fall Beauty

Fall. It typically causes me despair. It is the anticipation of what comes next. Winter. (groan). Yet, I cannot deny that the colours are breathtaking. Despite the fact that the leaves are in their final throes of death, wherever I look there is beauty.

Much the same can be applied to life. We all aspire to be the best that we can be. Some can be successful beyond their expectations while others teeter on the edge of uncertainty making one bad decision after another. Eventually, life, as you know it, ends. Oh, I don’t mean that you die in the physical sense, as the leaves do, just that the life you have led takes you to a level of despair, and without help you cannot possibly survive.

All this to say, every situation in life does hold hope. It is how we deal with the events in our lives that makes the difference.

I have to admit to some incredibly difficult situations in my life. The key to getting beyond each one was to reach out for help, to take advice and to apply it, in order to survive.

The leaves die each year, but they have the God-given ability to emerge, after a battle with winter cold, more beautiful than before.

Whatever our individual struggle might be, we too have an inner strength that will protect and provide a new beginning. In my case, that is the spirit of God. You might rely on other sources. Wherever your strength is, whatever your strength is – use it. Reach out and know that you CAN DO IT. Life is so much more than despair. It is hope, grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, caring for others, and trusting that one new step can, and will, bring you to a whole new beginning. All you need to do is to take that first step.

I began this to share pictures of the landscape around our home. It took a whole new direction. One that has taken me by surprise. I hope it makes sense to you at some level.

You are special. You are beautiful. You can do it!

Enjoy the beauty of fall.

Enjoy your day.


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